The QRPLabs QCX 5W CW transceiver.

I ordered back in October of 2017, a QRPLabs QCX 30 meter transceiver. As most of you know, I am a QRPer (in addition to an SDR enthusiast), so this was a great opportunity to build a single band, 5W QRP rig that has amazing features like a CW Beacon, WSPR beacon, a CW keyed and a really nice receiver. In addition, all the settings do not require external equipment to tune up the radio. In addition, the radio offers built int east equipment to test other things. Quite a handy little package.


Anyways, I was thrilled to build it. It took about 10 hours, total, due to the winding of a transformer and 4 toroids, but it was fun to build.

Go over to QRPLabs and look at the QCX transceiver for yourself.

Here is the completed rig:

IMG 2312