Traveling and HotSpots

Spending time at my office in Boston for the next 11 days, so I decided to bring my PiStar ZUMSpot hot spot with me. AG7SM, David, thought it would be cool to chat with each other that way. Booted the HotSpot, and let it default to AP mode, hooked it into the Hotel WiFi, and off it went. For two nights, AG7SM and myself had a couple of brief QSOs. While I know some people think using the internet as a back bone is NOT Amateur Radio, and quite easily, we could have done FaceTime or something, I still think it is a fun thing to do. I look forward to the day when I can remote my HF rig, while I am traveling, and use an auxiliary front panel to have QSOs.

All in all, this hobby still excites me, after 45 odd years.

Really ARRL?

Really ARRL? It is 2019 and you re still using Flash on your website. How about come into the 21st Century and use HTML5, like most people do.
Screen Shot on 2019 04 05 at 15 37 23

Finally Figured Out D-Star

So, after a number of weeks failing at D-Star, I finally got it figured out, and have had point to point communications with my friend David, AG7SM on our ZUMSpots. Works great. Finally!

New Knob

I procured a tuning knob for my uBitX from the Elecraft KX3 but buying the knob and rubber band from them. I have put it on the uBitx, and the tuning in fantastic. Really a good tuning knob.

IMG 3039

Back to 1 Land

28 Years ago, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to work on an operating system that became the basis of anyone running Windows. In that time, I worked on 2 subsequent OSes (I had worked on 2 before I moved to the PNW). Also, a number of startups, some HW design, a music service, I could go on for ever. I won’t.

I have accepted a position in New England based company, as the Director of Embedded Systems and Hardware Platforms.

So, as a result, I will be relocating, along with my wife, dogs, radios, and all the other things to New England. We are looking for a place now. It has to have land as to put up good antennas. We are now starting the new solar cycle and I want to be ready to have fun.

While I will miss things about the PNW, like the ORTVRC, SeaPac, and friends, I look forward to getting back to my friends I have stayed in touch with on the radio, in New England. I look forward to the old gang. 

So there you have it. Big change. 


73 de Jeff