Back to 1 Land

28 Years ago, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to work on an operating system that became the basis of anyone running Windows. In that time, I worked on 2 subsequent OSes (I had worked on 2 before I moved to the PNW). Also, a number of startups, some HW design, a music service, I could go on for ever. I won’t.

I have accepted a position in New England based company, as the Director of Embedded Systems and Hardware Platforms.

So, as a result, I will be relocating, along with my wife, dogs, radios, and all the other things to New England. We are looking for a place now. It has to have land as to put up good antennas. We are now starting the new solar cycle and I want to be ready to have fun.

While I will miss things about the PNW, like the ORTVRC, SeaPac, and friends, I look forward to getting back to my friends I have stayed in touch with on the radio, in New England. I look forward to the old gang. 

So there you have it. Big change. 


73 de Jeff