LightAPRS Tracker

Good day,

So I got TA2MUN and TA9OHC’s LightAPRS tracker. These guys designed it for ballooning, but it can be used for auto tracking, or anything, really.

What it is:

  •  Ready-assembled PCB: all components are SMD and already soldered
  •  Open Source: Software is open. You can easily modify the source code. The source code is shared via GitHub for different use cases (pico balloon, HAB, car, etc.)
  •  Arduino Compatible CPU: Since CPU is ATMega based, you can use Arduino IDE and libraries to program LightAPRS. (VSCode, also , with Arduino plugin)
  •  Extendable: Using I2C and SPI pins you can add extra sensors ( and their libraries) to LightAPRS..
  •  1 Watt Radio: In fact you don’t need 1 Watt radio module for balloon projects but for your other projects you definitely will
  •  High Quality GPS: The U-Blox M8 line is superb. I use them in my own designs.

What the beast looks like. I mounted an SMA connector so I can connect to standard antennas.

IMG reading

I have really enjoyed getting this thing on the air.

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