Jeff, KD1IT, has been an Amateur Radio Operator since he was 13. Jeff loves QRP, has built and owned a number of QRP radios:

  • Wilderness Radio Sierra
  • Small Wonder Labs Rockmite (20M and 40M)
  • Index Labs QRP+
  • Elecraft K1
  • Elecraft K2
  • Norcal 40
  • Icom IC-703
  • uBitX
  • Bit40


Jeff prefers to operate QRP CW and FT8, but has known to venture into QRP on SSB, on occasion. He enjoys making those long distance QSOs with as little power as possible. He recently has discovered D-Star on a new Kenwood TH-D74 and has made contact with a few hams via his ZumSpot.

Jeff is looking forward to acquiring an Icom IC-7300 to use as his main radio, with the power reduced, of course.  He is also looking forward to acquiring an Icom IC-R8600 for SIGINT hobby things. He is also an SDR enthusiast, utilizing an SDRPlay to do magical things. Jeff has been an APRS fan since it debuted many years ago. He has part of the TCPIP over packet in the Pacific Northwest, as well as building various telemetry devices for APRS.

Jeff has a background in hardware and software. He has designed PDP11 CPU modules, VAX based workstations and was an OS developer on BSD, VAX and Alpha VMS, Windows NT, Windows CE and SavaJe OS. Jeff is also a Mac OS X Cocoa developer, and has written tools, media managers, and utilities for Mac OS X. Jeff has also authored and contributed to a number of iOS applications. Jeff worked at Digital Equipment Corp for 16 years, a Systems Engineer at McCaw Cellular (AT&T Wireless), and was CTO and VP of Products at BSQUARE Corp from 1996-2001. Jeff then became EVP at SavaJe Technologies in 2001. He co-founded and was CEO of MochaWorks in 2002, was GM of the Rhapsody Music Service Eco System from 2005-2010, and became co-founder and VP of Engineering at Sidecar.me in 2010. Jeff was CEO at Sycamore Labs, from Nov. 2016 until March of 2019, and worked on IoT non-wifi, Category M1/NB-IoT wireless telemetry solutions. Jeff is now Director of Embedded Systems and Hardware Platforms at a Boston Based Network Security startup. He is relocating to the Boston Area.

Jeff resides, for now,  in Beaverton, Or.