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I finally received my KiwiSDR from Seeed last week and it has been a wonderful device. I had to travel to the east coast, last week, and being able to listen to CW, etc on my phone was great. I will be writing more on this in the days ahead. Stay tuned.



I am Jeff, KD1IT. I have been an amateur radio enthusiast since 1971. I got started by an Elmer, who lived across the street from my grandmother. He had a modest setup, but had been operating since the early 1920s. I learned CW, took my test at the Boston FCC office in the custom house. Endured the 5WPM CW send and receive test, and months later was issued my Novice license. Working with a home-brew 40 meter crystal controlled rig, I made my first QSO to southern New Hampshire. I was hooked. I have operated many modes, but my main interest is CW on QRP and digital modes like APRS, PSK31, WISPR and JT65/9, as well as Software Defined Radio (SDR). I hope this blog and site will be entertaining and useful to folks. Please be patient as I bootstrap it and make it useful.


73 de Jeff – KD1IT